AS I SAT IN MY ROOM, TRYING TO CONCENTRATE ON THE third act of Shakespeare's Macbeth,136 I was really listening for my truck. Fredward had promised that his sister Alice would drop my truck off and it still wasn't here. I would have thought, even over the pounding rain, that I would have heard the engine's roar, and so I only half paid attention to the trials and tribulations of MacBeth McScrooge. I'd read it twice already in Phoenix, but it was different this time with the 3D glasses. And when I went to peek out the curtain—again—it was suddenly there.
I wasn't looking forward to Friday, and it more than lived up to my non-expectations. Of course there were the fainting comments.137
Jessica especially seemed to be concerned. Luckily Mike had kept his gay mouth shut, and no one seemed to know about Fredward's involvement. She did have a lot of questions about lunch, though.
"So what did Fredward Cullen want yesterday?" Jessica asked in Trig.

136. The act in which MacBeth, fed up with his scheming wife, decides to start fantasizing about one of his daughter's friends from school while masturbating.
137. 'Duh, hey Bella, heard you fainted during class! Are you alright?'
'So how are you feeling?'
'Oh Bella, sorry to hear about yesterday :(.'