IN MY DREAM IT WAS VERY DARK, AND WHAT DIM LIGHT there was seemed to be radiating from Fredward's translucent, mysterious skin. I couldn't see his gorgeous face, just his sculpted, bare back as he walked away from me, leaving me in the blackness.
No matter how fast I ran, I couldn't catch up to him.
No matter how loud I called, he never turned.
No matter how much I strained my eyes, I couldn't see any trace of his life-giving body or intoxicating mind.
Troubled, I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep again for what seemed like a very long time. He had been in my dreams every night since the accident, butt always naked in the dark periphery and never in reach.
The month that followed the accident was uneasy, tense and, at first, embarrassing. To my dismay, I found myself in the center of attention100

100. A psycho-therapeutic procedure where a someone is placed in the middle of a circle of people and showered with compliments.