Vampirical Inquiries

1. from pg. 14
Do you go to school in a big city? How many metal detectors does your school
have? Why or why not?

2. from pg. 58
Why do you think other people are always telling each other what to do?

3. from pg. 75
What was Bella's voice guarding? There is an old proverb that says the pen is
mightier than the sword, but what does it guard?

4. from pg. 136
Evil has, historically, been a difficult thing to define. While Fredward Bound is not
the first novel to attempt this Herculean task, it is perhaps the most successful. In it
we are given Bella and Fredward, two deeply flawed characters that represent
opposing goal-lines between good and evil. Which one do you think is evil? Does
Fredward's thirst for human blood make him evil? Does Bella's self-absorbed
loathing for othersand racism make her evil? Did your laughing at Bella's racism
turn you into a racist? Are you sure? Why or why not?

5. from pg. 164
What is romance?

6. from pg. 198
Do you often compliment people by looking at their bodies? Have you ever
considered using your words? Explain.

7. from pg. 202
Who put the twist on Bella's neck? Have you ever put the twist on someone's neck?
Would you ever consider doing so? Share your answers with the group.

8. from pg. 218
While Bella may never forget, do you? What have you forgotten? Can you
remember why you forgot? Do you wish you could forget it again?

9. from pg. 289
What are the risks and rewards of getting "in too deep" as the narrator of a fictional
story, while simultaneously being a character in it?

10. from pg. 304
How many times have you done what you wanted instead of what was right?
Tally each and discuss with the group the times that you regret the most.

11. from pg. 311
What is the average cost of losing control for an American male of average social
and economic standing? What is the cost for average men living in other countries?

12. from pg. 377
How does the author portray fat people throughout the novel? How do you portray
fat people in your daily life? What do you consider the ideal medium for
portraying fat people?

13. from pg. 470
What percentage of the US' gross domestic product comes from funny business?
How do other countries compare? Have you ever considered starting your own
funny business? How come?

14. from pg. q
Did you like our book? Why or why not?